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Recently Sold Pieces

Honeybee and the Hive Broach

Inspiration: The honey colored irregularly shaped piece of Russian amber is surrounded by the honeycomb within the hive. The curved segments of the outer hive are attached to a branch.

Materials: Fabricated sterling silver hive and bee with 14 K gold antennae, and Russian amber

Created 2011 

Jade Mountain Path

Inspired by the inclusions in this jade oval that suggest the mountains in an Asian brush painting. The silver landscape with windswept trees are navigated via the green diamond path. The snow capped mountains glisten with inlaid  quartz druzy.  The piece hangs below the silver clouds and moonstone moon.  Passing behind the moon is the fleeting image of a crane

Materials:  Jade pendant, fabricated silver, quartz druzy inlays, green diamond inlay, moonstone

Created: 2012

Wetlands Suite

Inspired by the early ecology movement this design of creatures of air, water, and earth had an ecology Omega symbol in the nest. The amethyst druzy appearing as a nest with two eggs replaced the early design which was further modified to complete the pendant/ broach

Materials : Fabricated married metal (silver, brass, and copper)  with amethyst druzy

Designed: Late 70's Completed: 2010

Caught in the Act

Inspired by the organic, urchin like, appearance of the pyrite sun base. The octopus wraps around the base to steal the crab from the silver net while the same arm wraps to create the bale.

Materials: Fabricated sterling silver, pyrite sun, crab with back of slice of pre-ban carved whale’s tooth


Created: 2011

Honeycomb Earrings with Amber

Created as part of the first bee and bee hive  collection these hive earrings have the silver hive draping down from the round cabachon amber domes

Materials: Fabricated sterling silver with 14 mm amber round cabachons

Created: 2012       Re-designed: 2013

Honeycomb Cone Earrings

Inspired by the delicate symmetry of a honeycomb, these cone shaped earrings both reflect light, while hinting at the deeper space within

Material: Fabricated sterling silver

Created: 2013

Just Hatched

Inspired by the loggerhead turtles that hatch near our home in Kiawah, SC. The baby turtle blow bubbles as it rises to the surface watch over by his parent. The pendant back and edges are wrapped in high relief strands of kelp

Materials: Sterling silver turtles and kelp, pyrite sun base, and yellow sapphire bubbles

Created: 2013

Midnight in the Pines

This broach was inspired by the subtle shadows and branch like curves of this Sherris Cottier Shank carved “offset circle” black agate.  The branches are “capped” by small pine cones and pin needles which are mimicked in the back design. The back is windowed to reveal the carvers name

Materials:  Fabricated sterling silver, Carved 52 cts black agate

Created: 2013

Midnight in the Pines


 The back is windowed to reveal the carvers name