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Available Pieces

Moonbeams on a Starry Night Broach

Inspired by this carved black onyx druzy by  Utah gem carver Steve Walters, the crystals sparkle like stars on a dark night, above the gentle curves of the carved lower “landscape”. The moonstone moon glows within the fabricated silken finished silver clouds. The pin back is shaped as a shooting star.

Materials:  Carved Black Onyx druzy,  sterling silver, moonstone

Created: 2014

Frog and Spider:

A Day in the Marsh

Inspired by the organic lily pad appearance of the pyrite sun, this Art Nouveau style pendant has both the easily viewed denizens of the marsh (frogs) and those more hidden (spider).

 Materials: Fabricated pendant with pyrite sun base, frog , marsh grass ,and spider web in silver, peridot frog’s eye and 14k gold spider

Created:  2012 

Quan Yin & the Eye of the Buddha Ring

Inspired by the shape of the carved black opal, which I interpreted as the Quan Yin, Goddess of Mercy (and some say female embodiment of Buddha.) On the mountain top seated in a lotus flower beneath a radiant crown of light. Overlooking her is the “Eye of Buddha” . One side of the ring has steps cut into the mountain, the other rays of light down from the eye.

Materials: Carved Lightning Ridge black opal, Tzavorite garnet, carved and cast 18K green gold

Created: 2013

Quan Yin & the Eye of the Buddha Ring

Image 2


Pitcher Plant Ring

Inspired by a botanical print of a pair of carnivorous pitcher plants, this cast ring is set with a flawless pair of hot pink rubelites inviting the meandering insect to dive in

Materials:  Matched pair of flawless German cut 5.32 carat rubelite trilliums, cast 18 K green gold

Created 2013

Fire & Water Earrings

Inspired by the contrasting hot and cool colors of Mexican Fire Opal and Chrysoprase , the central faceted opals move as a pendulum

Materials:  Cabocon fire opal ovals, faceted fire opal rounds, and cabocon chrysophrase  triangles

Created: 2013

Cranes Across the Moon

Inspired by photos of cranes in flight and common Japanese images of cranes and the moon. The crane flies across the refective surface of the moon with both positive and negative images of cranes.

Materials: Crane carved from antique walrus tusk, fabricated  and oxidized sterling silver

Created: 2013

Paulownia Seed Pendant

Inspired by a photograph of a Paulownia or Princess Tree seed (native to China) in the photographic book Seeds by  Kessler and Stuppy (see photo inset). The watermelon tourmaline is backed by mother pearl to create the shimmer beneath the stone and is surrounded with smaller green and pink tourmaline.

Materials:  Watermelon tourmaline, green round tourmalines and rubelite trillium, 18 K gold, and mother of pearl back

Created: 2013

Paulownia Seed Pendant


 The watermelon tourmaline is backed by mother pearl to create the shimmer beneath the stone.


Splendor in the Sea Grass:

Urchin & Starfish

This Art Nouveau style pendant was inspired by the anemone like appearance of this moss agate and the desire to provide the suitable habitat for the sea creatures to inhabit the framed scene.

Materials:  Fabricated sterling silver frame, urchin, and starfish. The urchin has a central rubelite

Created: 2013

Golden Seashell Ring

This design was inspired by the fan like linear  facets on the pavilion of this ovoid Tom Munsteiner citrine and a photograph of the bi-valve end of an Anadara sea shell.  The reflective line of facets carry out onto the shell surface.

Materials:  9.98 carat Tom Munsteiner  citrine, 18K cast gold

Created: 2013

Jellyfish with Sea Horse Pendant

This Art Nouveau style pendant was inspired by the anemone like appearance of this moss agate as well as the recent “jellies “ exhibit at the Shedd, and images in Mark Laita’s recent photographic book The Sea,

Materials:  Sterling silver and moss agate

Created: 2013

Honey Bee &

the Hive Within

Inspired by both the surface of the hive and the more hidden life within, this fabricated bracelet has one bee crossing the surface and another hidden within for the wearer’s delight .

Materials: Silver bee climbing across Mexican cherry amber .The bee sits on silver hive section with mammoth ivory insets. The bracelet reveals the golden patinated inner hive with second bee at work

Created: 2013

First Swim

Inspired by the “deep sea color” of this naturally occurring Azurite sun , and a love of the sea turtles seen around our South Carolina home, the turtle and kelp which are fabricated of silver, 14K and 18K gold, “breathes out “ diamond bubbles (.25 cts) . The reverse side reveals a blue Angel fish swimming behind the silver kelp from which the pendant hangs

Materials:  Azurite sun (disc form) , silver, 14 K and 18K gold, and diamonds

Created: 2014

Tropic Birds- Galapagos

Inspired by the Tropic Birds flying amongst the sea foam and cliff side caves. This carved silver, fabricated pendant/ pin has one tropic bird flying out of the Chrysocoloa druzy, while another rest in the nest above the rocks.  The pendant hangs from the later, but detaches to create the pin. Hidden on the reverse is a Blue Footed Booby, the symbol of the Galapagos

Materials:  Chrysocola Druzy, sterling silver

Created: 2014

Strawberry Rutilated Quartz Ring

This adjustable silver ring features a Brazilian strawberry rutilated quartz, with the crystalline pattern mimicked by the strands of copper crossing the band

Materials:  Sterling silver, copper, rutilated quartz

Created: 2014

Strawberry Rutilated Quartz Ring