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BSBee designs arose from a lifelong love of nature, science, and an Asian aesthetic that led initially to self training in the jewelry arts and then to medical school and surgical training. This resulted in my active career as a pediatric reconstructive surgeon. From early childhood until the present, my artistic eye, and the manual skills could well have taken me into the arts. However, the child who went from collecting to cutting stones, and working in metal, was never left behind. It was put on hold for 40 years. Returning to jewelry design and fabrication, I have applied an eye for detail, fine motor skills, and 3D thinking that could only have arisen through many years of complex reconstructive surgery, to create sculptural jewelry with strong Art Nouveau sensibility, nontraditional use of organic materials and precious metals, and a final touch of whimsy, into one of a kind jewelry with each piece telling a story, and many having reverse views or hidden elements for the wearer to enjoy.